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Torri del Benaco

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Lazise is situated at 64 m above sea level on the South-Eastern shore of the Lake Garda in the Province of Verona. Together with Colà and Pacengo, the municipality has approximately 6500 inhabitants. The lovely village is still almost completely surrounded by medieval walls and steeped in history as is proven by prehistorical, roman and medieval f

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Pacengo di Lazise

Pacengo is a small village on the South East shore of Lake Garda positioned between Gardaland and Movieland. Which makes it an ideal base for guests who wish to visit the themeparks and also enjoy relaxing in the sun.  Pacengo itself is only very small but has a wonderful pizzeria nearby called Gallehus on the main lakeside road.   It also has a s

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Although Bardolino is a walled city, it retains very little historical rests and it has a rather modern and mundane atmosphere. From the city walls of the IX century, only the Southern entrance gate remains and one of the towers. The fame of Bardolino derives from its beautiful red DOC wines (wines with certified origin) Bardolino, Bardolino Clas

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The thermal city of Sirmione has 25,000 residents, mainly living in the hamlet Colombare. The historical city centre is situated on the tip of the peninsula, well defended by the castle, the moat and the stone slabs all around the tip that made an invasion by boat impossible. The biggest Roman villa of Northern Italy has been built here in the

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This charming and picturesque village is located 6 km from Grada and 38 km from Verona. It consists of the small villages Albisano, Pai, Crero and Ca' Tronconi. The historical centre is surrounded by medieval walls and towers. In proximity to the small harbour there are the "Palzzo del Consiglio della Gardesana", built in the 14th century today a well known hotel and the "Castello Scaligero", residence of the ethnographical museum showing the first exhibition about freshwater fishing and the "Limonaia", a lemon garden which dates back to the year 1760. Further places of interest are the baroque church "Santi Pietro e Paolo", with its incredible 18th century organ and the small church "S.S. Trinità". Worth seeing is also the clock tower previously known as "Torre del Comun" and in medieval times meeting point of the "Vicina", a convention of all family heads negotiating about joint business, which is in vicinity of the "Gardesana" street. In the small village of Pai, you can still see the traces of the fortress, destroyed by Frederick Redbeard. In proximity of Pai, you can visit the caves "Grotte La Tanella", where you will admire enchanting stalactites and stalagmites, which were shaped during the centuries. The small town of Albisano is set above Torri del Benaco and it offers a marvellous panorama on Lake Garda. In Torri del Benaco sul Garda the weekly market takes place every Monday. Not to miss out: Museum, caste, SS Trinity church, Monte Bre, Monte Luppia Reccommended walking paths: along the Promenade and Mount Baldo Reccommended Sport activities: trekking,cycling, climbing, canoying